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You knew!  You knew my day was long and dreary and ugh and you just knew I needed a package today!  That candle is ginormous and smells soothing, although I can't quite pinpoint the exact scent.  The knitting book/calendar...I will not share with my secretaries!  I WON'T (but I probably will let them just peeeeek at it)! 

Thank you.  I think I may know who you are, maybe.  Probably not, though. 



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The CD is perfect.  I have tears.  Please oh please, a playlist?  I love the Carole King and I know some other songs and Killing me Softly is one of my faves but I don't have it.

I love the picture, too.  Do you mind if I take it in to my class to share with them?  I am inspired by it.

Who are you?

Thank you!

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My dear Faery,

Music?  Well, my big favorite is Ella Fitzgerald.  I have the entire Cole Porter Collection, but nothng else.  I even have an Ella doll sitting on my piano. What else?  I need some new music in my life, so whatever else.  OH! and I don't have any carole king and I adore her. 

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Well, if you are on my f-list, this is new, but if not, it's almost a duplicate of the last faery.  I'm trying to be efficient.  Time is moving way too fast in my life right now.

What do I like?

Funky bracelets and necklaces and earrings.  I'm actually trying to break the silver hoop rut.


Have you seen my closet?

Knitting stuff.  I am just getting my act together with that.  I know...always late.  Needles, yarn, whatever.  I only have 10, 15 and big old honkin' 35 needles.  I am a very finished-product-motivated/oriented kind of knitter.

Arabian Horses.  Wanna' buy me another horse?  :P  Just kidding.  Like charms, magazines, whatever...

Anything that promotes Serenity NOW!  Bath stuff, candles, calming music...I need it with graduate school and whatnot.

Home Decorating and fashion magazines.  See above. Like Domino, InStyle, Allure...

1920s-1930s style anything. 

If you are a painter, something painted by YOU!!  My desire for original artwork is growing daily.

Anything handmade by you!  Especially if you paint, knit, or make jewel-y goodness. 

What don't I like??


Chocolate.  I mean, I love it, but it's everywhere here!  I'm a teacher, so I get too much.

I am so excited for these faery games!!! In my infinite wisdom, I have somehow enabled anon comments to this entry but I'm not sure how I did it. Yay for Surly Spring!


It's public even...

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...I have made a little elljay haircut.

No stress, my ends were splitting. Had to do it.

Love Love!


Dec. 14th, 2003

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Sunday thoughts. I wrote this in veg's journal, but I needed to say more...

I am almost crying, because it is going to take a tremendous amount of unity to get anyone else but fucking Shrub and his fucking posse elected again in November. I heard somewhere this idea and it rings so true for me. It was in a discussion of why/how republicans get people elected:

Democrats want to fall in love, and republicans simply fall in line.

We need to fall. in . line. this time. Everyone who wants this man out of office...democrats, green party, independents, non voting undecided angry people, need to rally hard around whomever gets the nomination.

This needs to be an election of elimination and reclamation...


Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig...

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OK, y'all...I'm home and I didn't even have the baby at the Gathering, much to the dismay of many mamas and hotel staff. :) I am on the laptop with dial-up, so the photos will have to wait a bit. There are some great pics I can't wait to show you all.

I have so many cool little vignettes in my head, but I am hungry and need to do some wash. My words aren't ready to come out just yet.

OK, this is totally random, but if I met you at the gathering and you are not on my FRIENDS list, add me and I'll add you back, OK? I got all of your names jumbled, but I adored you all.

OH! And my CD is done and ready to be sent. Yay!


Feb. 12th, 2003

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Of all the folks who have told me, either here or IRL, NOBODY!! thinks this baby is going to be a boy. Not one single person. Not even ds.

I'll tell you, if it is a boy, I will be very very surprised.


Feb. 11th, 2003

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I can't seem to eat. The thought of it makes me want to puke. I have lost 4 pounds this past week, and I know it's stress. P's sitter even commented today that I look thinner than before I was pregnant.

With P, I got so fat, so easily. Is it different with each?

I got my ultrasound appointment...on March 11. What do you think...girl or boy?


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